After All Those Bond Girls, James Deserves a Break, Says KitKat Ad

Famous Female Characters Create New Platform for Brand's Tag

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Oct 26, 2015
KitKat Bond

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To celebrate the launch of the latest James Bond film "Spectre" in the U.K. today, KitKat and J. Walter Thompson London have created a new campaign leveraging the famous spy's many female companions as a platform for the brand's familiar tag.

The effort, which will run in press, on a 48-sheet poster site in Camden and via a digital projector display at the Oxford Circus tube station, lists the most famous Bond girls of the franchise's history, from Pussy Galore to Honey Ryder to Tatiana Romanova.

After the marathon litany of names, the ad ends simply, with the line, "Time for a break, James?" and an image of a Kit Kat bar.

JWT London creative Alex Ball explained in a statement, "As the champion of 'breaks', KitKat felt it only right to offer one of the world's longest serving spies a little break from the arduous and often physically exhausting tasks he is forced to undertake for Queen and country."