KLM is letting travelers share tips via a hologram

Experience is available at airports in Amsterdam, Oslo and Rio de Janeiro

Published On
Jan 31, 2019

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If you're looking to kill time at the airport, you can now research your destination in a new way if you're flying with KLM--speak live to someone who's just been there.

The airline has set up "Take-off Tips" booths at airports in Amsterdam, Oslo and Rio de Janeiro, where you can speak to fellow travelers via a hologram and share tips and cultural insights about your destination. The installation connects people in real time and projects them onto a transparent hologram fabric. Agency DDB Unlimited conceived the idea and built the hologram bar together with production partner Circus Family.

According to DDB, the technology took almost three months to develop, test and perfect. It uses 3-D facial scanning to detect and track the participants’ faces on both sides--and then the mechanism projects this data back in both directions. The movements determine the hologram’s projected angle, creating a three-dimensional feel.

The experience is being promoted by a film on social channels, seen here (and maybe it's just us, but there seems to be a suggestion that it could also act as a dating service.)