How KLM explores the Chinese advertising market with WeChat

[ Reach 670k users & daily 200+ followers ]

Published On
Oct 24, 2019


KLM wanted to increase its visibility in China through brand awareness and engagement with their Chinese followers on WeChat. In collaboration with Dept, KLM has successfully mastered this goal.

KLM aims to be where their customers are. Given that WeChat is the biggest and most widely used app in the Chinese market, that’s where the airline decided to expand its presence, increase their campaign offers and eventually build brand presence. For KLM that meant using the multi-purpose social media and messaging app to offer Chinese passengers the best digital service, brand content & innovation and commercial offers to eventually attract more followers. In order to do so, both KLM and Dept created a year-around campaign on WeChat.

KLM now boasts some of the highest view numbers for their organic content (10K-15K per post).
4 organic posts reached 670K+ people and generated 36K views p.m.
Daily organic growth of 200+ new followers.
Every ‘moment ad’ brought 500-2000 new followers.




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