Kotex recreates the story of the first female soccer referee

Spot from Brazil tells the story of Lea Campos, who fought against misogyny in the 1960s

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Nov 29, 2022

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We've seen a number of brands recently recreating the stories of female sporting pioneers in their ads -- Michelob Ultra, for instance, told the story of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Now here's another from Brazil, in which Kimberly-Clark owned brand Kotex Intimus recreates the struggles of Lea Campos, the first ever soccer referee. 

Well-timed for the FIFA World Cup, the spot by Ogilvy Brazil depicts how in 1967, Campos was told that, despite being a fully qualified referee, she couldn't participate because her body was too "fragile" and what would happen if she was on her period? The film, directed by Olivia Lang via MoonHeist, shows her being confronted by the officials of the time, with close ups on her face that almost echo the "Handmaid's Tale." It goes on to explain how in 1971 she was finally able to referee a game after years of fighting, in turn inspiring a new generation of women.

The wider campaign will include PR and content pieces in collaboration with Brazilian  influencers such as skateboarder Leticia Bufoni, Bibi Tatto and Thaynara OG.

According to Marisa Cury Cazassa, Kimberly-Clark's executive marketing manager in Brazil, the campaign is designed to show how women overcame the "stigma" of menstruation. 

"We want to show that nothing can stop them and that their place is wherever they want, whether on the football field, in the corporate environment, behind the wheel, on the street, on skateboard, among other professions," she said in a statement.
"We are proud to bring a little bit of Lea's history to the spotlight, showing how her pioneering spirit reverberates to this day," added Sergio Mugnaini, chief creative officer of Ogilvy Brazil. "But, above all, we want to show how important it is to fight gender prejudices in our society, so that no girl has to overcome so many obstacles just to do what she likes."



Nov 29, 2022
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Kimberly Clark
Chief Creative Officer :
Sergio Mugnaini
Executive Creative Director :
Samir Mesquita
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John Bogea
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