Agency's Mad Men Tribute Unravels 'Mystery' of the Falling Man

Riff on Show's Opening Titles Spells out the Pains of Making Advertising

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May 14, 2015

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In AMC's Mad Men opener, we see an adman, presumably Don Draper, arriving at the office, taking the elevator, setting his briefcase down and jumping out of a window -- before landing comfortably on a couch. The dreamy, Saul Bass-inspired title sequence conjures many interpretations -- uncertainty in an ever-evolving industry, the collapse of the advertising illusion, the collapse of Don's own illusive identity.

In one of what we expect to be many tributes to the show, Kraftworks and its founder Neil Kraft (the man behind the iconic Marky Mark Calvin Klein underwear ad), spell it all out for us in this riff on the show opener, overtly depicting, in bold text, all those things that bring pain to the process of creating advertising.

"We've had an ongoing debate as to whether watching Mad Men was too close to home or not," Mr. Kraft said. "Most of us that have been around find it a bit like reliving our life over and over. We will miss it, but have you ever really seen what it's really like in a movie or TV show? We were trying to convey what it's really like."


May 14, 2015
KraftWorks-New York
Neil Kraft

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