Miller Lite : L-I-T-E

New Effort Contrasts With Bud Light's Laughs

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Mar 17, 2016

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For MillerCoors, the light beer wars are no longer a laughing matter.

The brewer on Thursday launched a new campaign for Miller Lite that puts an emphasis on the brand's liquid and heritage. That approach is markedly different from that of Bud Light, which recently returned to a humorous approach with ads starring Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer.

The Lite campaign broke during Thursday's NCAA basketball tournament games with three 15-second spots that end with the line "the original light beer: spelled different because it's brewed different." That is a reference to "Lite," which is the way the brand has been spelled since it launched in 1975 as the first mainstream light beer. One of the ads touts the brew's Milwaukee roots by saying when you are from "Beertown USA, these are your celebrities," as the scene portrays a beer salesman stacking Miller Lite cases. The agency for the new ads is TBWAChiat/Day.

"We are telling a very simple story about returning the respect back to Miller Lite," said MillerCoors Chief Marketing Officer David Kroll. The new ads spell the end of the "bodega" campaign that featured a bilingual storekeeper named Fred and random customers who came into his shop.

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