Monoprix's Adorable Love Story Is All About the Packaging

Retailer Celebrates 85th Anniversary With Charming Tale

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May 11, 2017

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France's Monoprix is a prominent retail brand in the country. It sells everything from clothing to household items to food and is basically a staple of city dwellers' lives. Stateside, we might liken it to Target. This year the brand celebrates its 85th anniversary, and to mark the milestone, agency Rosapark has debuted a charming love story that hinges on one of the store's unique offerings: the witty packaging of its private label products.

The four-minute-long short film, titled "Label of Love," tells the story of a grade school boy who has a crush on one of his classmates. To convey his feelings, he leaves mysterious notes in her locker -- in the form of cutouts from Monoprix's cleverly captioned boxes. One message, for example, reads (in French) "Totally 'crackers' for you," another says, "I'm 'bananas' about you" and yet another reads, "'Tea' only one for me." This continues through the school year until one day, the boy discovers the girl is no longer there to open her locker and fails to appear at her desk. He then heads over to her house, which now has a "For Sale" sign in the front yard.

The boy heads home on the bus, crestfallen, and the spot cuts forward to show him, years later, as a young man heading on his way to high school or university. As he opens his locker, he notices a young women next to him, who clumsily drops a box. Lo and behold! It's full of those same messages he had so carefully cut out years before. You can probably guess what happens from there.

Set to Big Star's melancholy classic about adolescence,"Thirteen," the spot is meant to convey the idea that Monoprix is "At the heart of your life, at the heart of your city." It was directed by British directing team Thirty Two, who were behind acclaimed documentaries including "Shut Up and Play the Hits -- LCD Soundsystem," and Blur's "No Distance Left to Run."

The ad debuted on May 10 and within 24 hours racked up 1.75 million views. The campaign extends beyond the film and includes outdoor posters, bus shelter and transport ads. Onn May 22, Monoprix will also begin releasing different endings to its love story -- 13 in all. The retailer will also have in-store activations that will give shoppers a chance to win prizes such as a wedding ring, music festival tickets and a week in Japan.