Desert Mirage Gets Steamy in Penelope Cruz's Second Agent Provocateur Film

Is That an Oasis? No, It's Just Semi-Naked Women Gyrating...

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Aug 05, 2014

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Agent Provocateur's second film written and directed by the actress Penelope Cruz is set in the desert, where things heat up considerably for a stranded traveler, played by male model Jon Kortajarena.

As he crawls desperately along, he spies not an oasis but a bunch of beautiful women, dressed only in their lingerie, who pull up in a Cadillac driven by Cruz. They go on to perform a kind of semi-clad workout -- choreographed by Tracy Anderson, fitness guru to the stars. As the man struggles to get close, the women tantalizingly pouring water over themselves. Things get even more steamy when our hero goes on to lick their bare flesh before he finally realizes it was just a mirage -- or was it?

Produced through RSA Films, the film promotes the brand's L'Agent AW14 collection, on which Cruz and her sister Monica are collaborators. The soundtrack is Optimist's "Single Dutch."