This lamp will glow red when your family has had too much screen time

Limited-edition product was devised by Swedish insurance firm Lansforsakringar

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Oct 09, 2018

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We all know now that social media is addictive and potentially unhealthy, especially for young people and teenagers. But how do you know when enough is enough? Sure, brands like Apple let parents set iPhone and iPad limits for kids, but Swedish insurance firm Lansforsakringar is going even further to help entire families reduce their screen time with an experimental product--a lamp that glows red when you've spent too much time on their devices. 

The "Skarmfri"  lamp, created by ad agency Stendahls, is designed so that a family of four has a maximum of two hours of allocated screen time (30 minutes per person.) The idea is that it connects to the family Wi-Fi and to all of their devices. When the two hours is up, the light starts to change from white to red, signaling that it’s time to stop. 

The product is "in beta," says Stendahls, but Swedes can bid on one of five limited-ditions of the lamp, with a base price of 5,000 Swedish Kroner each, on e-commerce platform Tradera. All proceeds will go to financing a lecturing tour on the subject of ”screen addiction” for students and teachers in schools located in socio-economically vulnerable districts, where funding lectures otherwise wouldn’t be possible.



Oct 09, 2018
Agency :
Creative/Developer :
Rodrigo Vives
Creative/Developer :
Thomas Zempf
Creative/Copywriter :
Eva Raberg
Creative Director/Design :
Ylva Nestmark
Chief Creative Officer :
Martin Cedergren
Graphic Design :
Mariell Ehlin
PR :
Annie Lundgren
Photo :
Christer Hedberg
Photo :
Carl Björndal
Account Director :
Peter Ohlsson

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