Goodbye Granny Pants: Pericoach Targets Smartphone-Savvy Moms With an App for 'Leakers'

HelloFlo Pros Bring Their Unique Voice to Another Female-Focused Product

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Aug 03, 2015

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HelloFlo is back with another hilarious ad, but this time it's not about periods, and it's not about its own company. Instead, HelloFlo founder Naama Bloom and her collaborator/writer Sara Saedi have conceived a new film for a company called "Pericoach," which has created a device and app that aims to put an end to post-childbirth "leakage" in a way that suits modern mommies with smartphones.

Pericoach promises to give you reminders about when to do your perineum-stregthening exercises, and even track your progress -- a bit like, as the woman in this ad puts it, a "Fitbit for your vag."

The spot is set in a support group where the miserable-looking participants include an angry mom of twins who shares that she's too young to wear granny pants and an ex-Zumba teacher who reveals she peed on the yoga mat. Just as they're about to start some joyless Kegels, enter Emily, who thanks to Pericoach can now run on the spot in tight jeans and no panties. Fans of previous spots like Period Fairy, First Moon Party and Camp Gyno will love the humor -- and we like the app idea too.

The Pericoach founders had originally approached HelloFlo Founder Ms. Bloom to do something together, "but it didn't make sense at the time," she said. "However, they wanted a video and felt that HelloFlo ads had the right sensibility so we decided to help them by acting as a creative agency. We delivered concepts and a script and made a warm hand-off to the production company." When asked if she was planning to make creative marketing one of her official offerings, Ms. Bloom said she's "considering it," but "Right now it's only reactive, meaning if a company comes to me."


Aug 03, 2015

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