A Little Pee Doesn't Stop These Hot Mamas From Shaking Their Booties in HelloFlo's Music Video

Trish Sie Directs Brand's Latest Audacious, Uplifting Film

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May 09, 2016

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HelloFlo, the feminine products company known for its audacious viral films like Camp Gyno, First Moon Party and Postpartum: The Musical, is back with its latest outrageous production, "Leaks, Don't Stop Me Now," a music video featuring a group of high-energy female dancers whose incontinence doesn't stop them from shaking their booties or rocking those hot velveteen Zumba pants.

Directed by music video pro Trish Sie, known for her work directing mind-boggling videos for her brother Damian Kulash's band "OK Go," the video is set to a super-catchy pop tune and co-promotes Kimberly-Clark's Poise liners for women, which make a funny cameo as props in the dancers' routine. The film serves as a rallying cry encouraging women to keep having fun in their lives, even after popping out a child or two may have done a number on their lady parts.

"I didn't push sweet babies out of this vag to be sneakin; around like a stray cat just cuz I am leakin,'" the protagonist sings. "So I popped out a baby or two, don't make me shy don't wreck my mood."

An empowering refrain follows: "Honey we can kick this dribble to its knees. Stop, cock a hip, squeeze. . . and sneeze."

According to Ms. Bloom, the video was the product of collaboration between a number of moms, herself, Ms. Sie and the singer, Cassandra Speakeasy.

"The story on the song is kind of funny," said Ms. Bloom. "When I got on the call with Trish and our singer/songwriter, I told them that I kept thinking that we should have a refrain 'stop, squeeze and sneeze' because, well, that was how I got through allergy season after having my second child.

"Trish took that and ran with it to write the lyrics," she explained. "Then Cassandra, our singer, put it to music. We spent a lot of time talking about the how we wanted it to feel. We really wanted to have something catchy and with a girl power vibe and when I heard the first track I knew we had it."

In March, it was announced that SheKnows Media was acquiring HelloFlo and that Ms. Bloom would become its SVP-Integrated Marketing.


May 09, 2016
Brand :
Client :
Production Company :
Bob Industries
Director :
Trish Sie
Executive Producer :
TK Knowles
Executive Producer :
John O'Grady
Executive Producer :
Chuck Ryant
Producer :
Bart Lipton
Music :
Cassandra Speakeasy
Director, Photography :
Eric Zimmerman
Art Director :
David Max
Choreography :
Trish Sie
Choreography :
Nancy Dobbs-Owen
Choreography :
Kathleen Custer
Editor :
Tamara Maloney
Colorist :
Greg Borkman
Cast :
Lyndsay Haley
Cast :
Emily Wahlund
Cast :
Minta Mullins
Cast :
Michele Acosta
Cast :
Dionne Neish
Cast :
Maureen Asic
Cast :
Natalia Reagan
Special Thanks :
Camelot Kids Preschool

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