Bostonians Shout Out to Tom Brady in Under Armour's Post-Game Spot

City Provides a Backdrop to Fans' Mythical Tales

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Feb 06, 2017

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Under Armour and agency Droga5 quickly released a tribute to the New England Patriots' Tom Brady following his team's Super Bowl win last night.

Filmed in Boston, with the city's famous landmarks providing a backdrop, the spot features various born and bred (well, according to their marked accents) Bostonians speaking about the "the legend of Tom Brady" in their town.

Among the mythical stories, we hear: he can throw a football all the way across the Boston harbor, he and the whole city are getting younger with every championship, and "every kid in Dorchester legally has to be named Tom or Brady." Finally we're told we should enjoy him while we can, because he'll "only be playing another nine years."

The spot, directed by Brian Lannin at Droga5 Studios, is running on Under Armour social channels.