LEGO is turning to creators around the world for its next big franchise idea

Brand partnered with Tongal on 'LEGO World Builder' platform

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Aug 25, 2020

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Films like “The LEGO Movie” and its various sequels, as well as franchises such as “Star Wars” and “Jurassic Park” have helped to expand the LEGO universe beyond just mere toys. Now, the company is turning to creators from all over to think up how to take the bricks’ reach even further.

With creative platform Tongal, which landed on Ad Age's Agency A-List back in 2017, LEGO has created LEGO World Builder, which invites creatives around the globe to contribute their own story ideas and develop them with other fans. There, they will also be able to get feedback and collaborate from the LEGO Group team. Ultimately, some of them may be able to claim the title of creator of LEGO’s next huge franchise—and even reap monetary compensation for it. If the LEGO creative team options or buys a contributor's concept, the makers involved will get paid. Any creator over the age of 18 is eligible to participate. 

LEGO World Builder now serves as an official portal and incubator for the ideas of eager brick builders. Until now, thousands of creatives every year have been sending their content and story creations to the LEGO Group. On LEGO World Builder, the company’s own creative teams will also be presenting challenges to the community asking them to share their own take on existing LEGO IP.

The World Builder is powered by Tongal’s own technology, which connects brands to freelance creatives for their campaign ideas. LEGO has been working with Tongal’s community of creatives since 2012 to create video content across various platforms.

“Tongal has provided us a way to engage with our creative community and LEGO World Builder is an extension of that,” said Keith Malone, Sr. Director of Content Development at the LEGO Group in a statement. “We are privileged to be a brand that stands for creativity not only with our incredible products but also with the experiences we create for our fans. We hope the next Ninjago or LEGO Masters could come from this collaboration.”