LG's Airport Robot Will Get You to Your Gate On Time

It Will Start Work at Seoul's International Airport This Year

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Jan 05, 2017

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LG has developed a cute new robot to make airports feel less impersonal and more human. It glides around, helping passengers find the right gate. The Airport Guide Robot will debut at Seoul's Incheon International Airport this year.

On stage at CES in Las Vegas, David VanderWaal, VP-Marketing for LG Electronics in the U.S., popped his airplane boarding pass into a slot on the robot; she read off the gate number, told him the distance to get there and how long it would take to walk there. For travelers who are lost or late, it can take them to the right place.

The South Korean electronics company showed off a slew of robots at CES, including one for the household and one to mow the lawn.