'Blair Witch'-Style Unboxing for Three Mobile Might Make You Scream (and Laugh)

Horror Meets a Purple Puppet

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Aug 03, 2015

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In Three Mobile's latest online film, the brand's new purple puppet, Jackson, unboxes the LG G4 phone. If that sounds a little dull, keep watching, because the film -- a blatant rip-off of/homage to "The Blair Witch Project" -- will make you laugh, and maybe even jump a little.

It sees Jackson head off into the woods with a hapless camper. As they come across an abandoned hearse, various scary skeletons and finally, a haunted house that people who remember "Blair Witch" will recognize well, our camper/cameraman gets more and more freaked out. But Jackson, perkily testing out the phone's various features, is oblivious, and many of the scary happenings turn out to be him playing around. (For example, in a replay of the "standing in the corner" scene, he turns out to be charging the phone).

The film, by Wieden & Kennedy London features a puppet created out of Jim Henson's Creature Shop and was shot by MJZ's Matthijs van Heijningen, a veteran of horror (he directed 2011's "The Thing"). It does indeed become more and more horror-movie like towards the end. The full spot is being shown in U.K. cinemas -- we just wonder why they didn't release it for Halloween.


Aug 03, 2015
Brand :
Three Mobile
Client :
Three Mobile
Agency :
Wieden & Kennedy-London
Director :
Matthijs van Heijningen
Production Company :

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