PNC Builds a (Working) Bank Branch Out of Gingerbread for the 2015 Christmas Price Index

Stunt in Philadelphia Featured Cookie-Encrusted ATM

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Dec 07, 2015

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PNC Bank's Christmas Price Index is back to once again mimic the Consumer Price Index by pricing out each gift from The 12 Days of Christmas. To celebrate it in 2015, PNC and its agency Deutsch have built an entire bank branch out of gingerbread (which, as the designer in this video puts it, at first elicits the response: "Really?").

But they really did. Inside the PNC Gingerbread Branch, which was open to the public last weekend at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, kids and their families could learn about the gifts and their prices from 12 columns crafted by pastry chefs. They also enjoyed hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies from the Cookie Counter. Amazingly, this branch was also a working PNC Bank branch, where you could open an account or get some cash from a cookie-encrusted ATM.

Deutsch describes the design and architecture of the branch as "part Art Deco and part Willy Wonka." If you weren't there, don't worry -- you can explore it online in a 360 degree tour.