Soap Brand Lifebuoy Makes Pumping Water Fun to Encourage Hand-Washing

Team Geometry Affixes Jump Pumps Onto Old Hand-Operated Pumps

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May 06, 2014

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Ogilvy's activation agency Team Geometry works with soap brand Lifebuoy for a stunt that tried to make the act of pumping water, and washing your hands, fun for kids. More than two million kids lose their lives to diarrhea every year, something that can be avoided with enough hand washing.

To combat the problem, Geometry and Lifebuoy worked with the government's "Mid-Day Meal" program, which provides 120 million kids with a lunch-time meal at school everyday. It found that despite having plenty of soap, kids weren't washing hands because of how tough it is to operate old hand-pumps that deliver water.

It created Jump Pump, a specially crafted rocking horse which was affixed to the pumps, making the act of getting water easy -- and fun.