BBH China and Lifebuoy 'Clean Up' New Year's Gift Giving

New and Improved Red Envelope Helps Guarantee Good Health

Published On
Feb 17, 2015

Editor's Pick

For the Lunar New Year, BBH China and client Lifebuoy bring a sudsy twist to traditional gift giving by creating a new kind of red packet. They've added a useful element to the "hong bao," or cash-filled red envelope frequently given by the older generation to children to celebrate the new year -- people can now clean their hands with it. After removing the monetary gift, the recipient can run the envelope under water and use it as soap.

Each year the red envelopes represent the exchange of about $5 billion, but they can also help spread illness -- a single currency note can harbor more than 10 million germs. So what better way to ensure the health and happiness of recipients than by giving them the means to stay germ-free, too?