Liquid Death's workout video promises a body like Bert Kreischer's

Comedian stars in canned water brand's latest silly branded content stunt

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Jul 19, 2022

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Eco-friendly canned water brand Liquid Death wants to get you into shape… kind of.

Liquid Death partnered with comedian and podcaster Bert Kreischer to create the fitness-themed campaign, “Body By Bert, Hydration by Liquid Death.” Instead of focusing on athletes with washboard abs chugging water after an intense workout, the brand decided to keep it real with the help of the not-so-chiseled star, focusing on the fact that hydration is key to any lifestyle, body type or profession.

The campaign includes a trailer and a 10-minute long workout video of Kreischer wearing small blue power briefs with a pink sweater and legwarmers to match, inviting viewers to discover how to have a body just like his. 

"This is what bodies were meant to look like when God created them," he says. "This is what bodies looked like before the influence of steroids, the Olympics, or holding your breath. And if you would like to unlock your inner machine and get a body like this, let me be your guru.”


Kreischer starts hydrating with Liquid Death before heading into his warm-up, which consists of eating jalapeno poppers. He then takes viewers into a “couch squat” to continue working out the leg muscles, showing the right amount of squatting needed before plopping down. He moves into an arm workout called “chip curls” and reaches behind the couch to grab a bag of potato chips.

Kreischer says that viewers should be working up a sweat and takes off his pretty pink sweater before breaking out into dance. After yet another hydration break with Liquid Death, the workout continues with other “Body By Bert” special moves such as “podcasting” and “marg lifts.”

The campaign is playing on YouTube, Instagram and TV, but an actual VHS tape of the workout is available in limited supply. There are also OOH ads running in Time Square.

For those who also want to gear up for their workouts, Liquid Death is also dropping “Bert Pro Model Powerbriefs” signed by Kreischer.