'No shit,' says a bunch of babies--'except ours'

Paris agency Buzzman corrals toddlers to send an important message about their diapers

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Jun 25, 2018

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The diaper industry is dominated by its own duopoly--Pampers and Huggies. But in France, a new diaper subscription service called Little Big Change is banking that parents will be willing to spring for nappies with fewer artificial chemicals and perfumes. Who better to spread the word (and only the word, please) than adorable babies.? They're the ones who have to live with chlorine and parabens next to their unmentionables, after all.

A short film from Paris-based Buzzman lets the little tikes make their opinions heard, with the help of a little translation. (Babies apparently all sound like a gruff Frenchman.) Perhaps that's for the best, because the copy is cheeky, and probably inappropriate for anyone under the age of seven to say. You can start swearing when you're seven, right?

"In our nappies, no shit other than our own!" relays a chorus is diapered baby bottoms, adorned with individual words like so many shirtless football fans at the Super Bowl. There's a fair amount of tears and falling over and exploratory wriggling from the group, but their message is clear.

The online-only spot began running in France earlier this month and is in heavy rotation on social media.


Jun 25, 2018
Little Big Change

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