Apple Promotes Its Watch Series 2 With a Visual Color Feast and a Beyonce Soundtrack

A Vibrant Film Suggests Apple's Commitment to Its Watch Is Strong

Published On
Mar 31, 2017

Editor's Pick

Apple's new spot for its Apple Watch Series 2 is full of vibrant colors, energetic people and the uplifting sound of Beyonce.

Set to her track "Freedom" featuring Kendrick Lamar, the film inspires viewers to "Live Bright" via a series of colorful sequences. It opens on a woman in a monochrome office, tapping her Apple watch and standing up to look out of the window and what seems to be an emerald green jungle. We're then transported around the world, to lush green fields and the Northern Lights. Next up, it's yellow, with a bright yellow waterslide and the beach at sunset, then various fitness activites infused with a red hue and a lowlit blue series involving parachuting and diving. Finally all the colors come together in an explosion of fireworks and a color run.

It's a visual feast, interspersed with key shots of the watch's features, and certainly makes you feel as if strapping on an Apple watch could make life truly exciting.