Was This Vlogger Really 'Killed' in a Car Crash?

Safe-Driving Campaign Was Aimed at Shocking Fans

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Jan 17, 2017

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Or Yarok, Israel's Association for Safer Driving, went to extreme lengths recently to get through to a young audience about the dangers of using a phone at the wheel -- it "killed" a vlogger live on air.

In mid-December, agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi staged a fake crash with celebrity beauty vlogger Ashley Waxman Bakshi, posting a six-minute pre-filmed video as if it were a live stream of her in her car. At one point Ms. Bakshi looks down at her phone to show viewers a photo, and then appears to crash. Later, she reappears to explain that she hasn't been killed, but is alerting viewers to a safety message.

Over 2,500 fans watched the video in real time and it received thousands of worried comments. By the next day, 57,000 people had watched the video.

The agency argues in this case study video that the film had more impact than a traditional PSA, as however gruesome these are, people still know they are ads. While the likes of AT&T can still shock us with their shocking twists in anti-texting campaigns, that's possibly true -- although we wonder how many fans who watched it live felt actually traumatized.