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Mar 01, 2013

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Following what could be described as one of the most challenging years in its history, the Livestrong Foundation unveiled a new logo (right) at the annual "State of the Foundation" address at the annual Livestrong Foundation Assembly Thursday.

The new logo, which was introduced by EVP Operations Andy Miller, is a visual change that focuses on the "Foundation," rather than the man behind it, Lance Armstrong. In his speech, he said that the change underscores the Livestrong ethos, and is a "natural next step" in the Foundation's evolution. "Thousands of people and many critical programs are the 'Foundation' beneath that ethos," he said. "We believe that while changing our mark is a small act, it's a natural step in our evolution and a step towards becoming more us, more clear and doing more work.

Along with the change, Mr. Miller also put forward a call to action to the Foundation and its members that they must not hunker down in the face of the crisis, but keep the momentum going.

During the address, Mr. Miller said that collectively, the organization, its supporters and its critics have all looked upon the past year and asked where the Foundation could go from here. Mr. Miller also highlighted the successes the Foundation has had -- most notably, passing the 2.5-million-served milestone.

Mr Miller added that people supporting the organization continue to support it -- and that it's mission remains separate from Mr. Armstrong, the man, and the scandal. "But we didn't do it for Lance. We did it for our loved ones. Our husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. We did for our children. We did it for our friends and neighbors. We did it for ourselves," he said. "'Will the LIVESTRONG Foundation survive? Yes. Absolutely, yes."

A full transcript of the speech, which outlines the way forward for the Foundation, can be found here.


Mar 01, 2013

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