Lone Star's neon sign is a real buzzkill for mosquitoes

Callen was behind this bright idea that zaps pests to help make your night out more enjoyable

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Jul 28, 2021

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In Texas, with the summer heat comes one of the state’s peskiest pests—mosquitoes. But Lone Star decided to do something about them with this fun experiential outdoor idea from Austin agency Callen. 

To promote the Pabst Brewing Company-owned brand’s new seltzer, the agency created a massive 4’x4’ neon Lone Star sign that not only adds to the cozy ambiance of the local pub, it also zaps the bothersome biters so that bar-goers can enjoy their beers in peace. Throughout the summer, Lone Star will be taking the sign on tour to bars and venues across Texas. 

Callen founder Craig Allen says the sign is part of Lone Star Seltzer’s “Refreshingly Texan” campaign, and “everything we’re doing is about making Texas more refreshing and enjoyable.” 

While keeping customers bite-free was the original goal in terms of improving their “enjoyment," Allen says the sign has also turned out to be a form of entertainment. “When we put it up, everyone in the bar is like moths to the flame,” he says. “They all gather around and cheer every time [a mosquito] gets zapped. It’s weirdly mesmerizing.”

In case you're wondering, there’s no worry that intoxicated patrons could themselves get zapped. “It has plexiglass on the front with strategic holes for the mosquitoes to fly in but minimizes people getting in there,” Allen says. 

Previously, Callen was behind Lone Star beer's "Keeps You Texan" campaign, the brand' biggest in 30 years. 

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Jul 28, 2021
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Lone Star
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