Meet the 'Loneliest Whale' in This Beautiful Film From Three Mobile

Park Pictures' Tom Tagholm Directed Irish Spot

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May 20, 2015

Editor's Pick

This film from Three Mobile Ireland, beautifully and sensitively directed by Park Pictures' Tom Tagholm (Meet the Superhumans), explores the true story of the whale known as "52," or the "Loneliest Whale" who communicates at a frequency that no other whales can hear and so swims alone.

Dublin agency Boys & Girls created the film, which shows people on a mission to find the whale off the seas of Scandinavia, while a fictional scientist (played by Danish actor Torben Zeller) explains the mysterious story of the whale. The film, which also ran as a shorter commercial, has a haunting quality and there's no hard sell; instead, it subtly underlines Three's theme of the power of communication.