This Hyundai ad about a loving spouse (who wants something) is maybe a little too relatable

Love can endure across unfathomable distances. So can neediness

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Apr 04, 2018

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At the start of this Hyundai ad we're set up to be touched. Indie artist James Vincent McMorrow's haunting falsetto cover of Steve Winwood's "Higher Love" serves as the soundtrack for a scene showing a man named Kevin standing in a parking lot, staring skyward--and then we close up on a space station where his astronaut wife, Jane, is on a space walk.

Kevin sends Jane a text that reads "Miss u." (Suspend your disbelief and momentarily accept that cell service now extends into space, OK?) "Miss u too," Jane texts back. McMorrow has just sung "Think about it, there must be higher love / Down in the heart and in the stars above." Damn, ten seconds into the ad and we're already getting sorta misty eyed over this couple whose love endures across an unfathomable distance.

But then Kevin, suddenly looking a bit apprehensive, sends a follow-up text: "Also... can you do the thing again?" And so Jane, looking a bit exasperated, does the "thing": she uses the Hyundai app on her smartphone to unlock Kevin's car remotely, because apparently the moron has locked himself out of it again.

Turns out this is basically an ad for Hyundai's Blue Link, a "connected car service" that comes with the new Hyundai Kona. It's also an ad that will make you laugh if you've ever noticed how lovey-dovey your significant other gets right before he or she needs something from you.