just gave itself the world's longest URL

What's more, Captain Obvious can recite it all in one go

Published On
May 03, 2018

Editor's Pick is a kind of "does what it says on the tin" kind of brand name. Or so you might think.

The company now wants to explain that actually, it does more than just hotels--it does all kinds of accommodations (like cabins, teepees, houseboats, get the picture). So in order to do that, it gave itself the "longest URL on the internet" incorporating all of it.

Agency CP&B came up with the stunt, which includes a video of its brand spokesperson Captain Obvious reciting the whole thing without hardly drawing breath. It takes him around three minutes--and if you listen to the end, there's a reward of a discount code.

Fatal Farm at Gifted Youth directed the film, which is part of a wider campaign highlighting different types of accommodation--including wedding venues, ski lodges and places where you go can do goat yoga.