This Gorgeous Homage to L.A. Is All Taken From Stock Footage

Shutterstock Demonstrates How Stock Clips Can Create a Beautiful Film

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Jun 02, 2015

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Surprisingly, some of the best creative work we've seen recently has come from image banks and stock footage providers; from Latinstock's unexpectedly funny campaign about the benefits of quality photography, to Getty Images' ads showing how you can make "epic" films on a tiny budget.

This film, from Shutterstock, simply sets out to show how stock footage can make a beautiful film, as it pieces together pre-shot video of Los Angeles (leaving out, of course, scenes of the insane gridlock and smoggy skies) and sets it to music ("Evolving Images," from PremiumBeat) to create a lyrical "journey" around the city.

Previously, Shutterstock also showed how you could create films mimicking the styles of modern directors including Wes Anderson, Alfonso Cuaron and David Fincher, all with stock footage.