This video censors Trump's inflammatory statements with a call to action

The makers of the POTUS-themed candle are back, this time with a voting drive

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Oct 24, 2018

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Every time President Donald Trump speaks, a large portion of the country wants to shut him up. But with every broadcast station, cable news channel and online outlet covering his every utterance--truthful or not--it’s impossible to shut him out.

Or is it?

Rather than bleeping the president, a new video replaces his words with a chorus singing, “Vote!” Calling NFL players sons of bitches? “Vote!” Attacking Obamacare and lauding the GOP tax cuts? “Vote!”

While this bit of censorship might seem like a playful way to poke fun at the party that holds all three branches of government, it’s actually a call to action. After all, the best way to silence a politician is to vote them out of office.

The initiative is from progressive group LOUD, Latinos Outraged United Defiant, which is sharing the video on social media. The spot was created by o1-agency in Los Angeles, which was also responsible for the cathartic and metaphorical Trump candle.


Oct 25, 2018
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Creative Director :
Juan Oubina
Creative Director :
Curro Chozas
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Editing :
TruLove Post
Sound Design :
Gonzalo Ugarteche
Music :
Juan Manuel Leguizamon

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