Challenging Instant Gratification to Move Culture

Published On
Apr 16, 2019


Louis XIII cognac is ultra-premium, exclusive, rare, & timeless, created in 1874. Each decanter takes 4 generations of cellar masters over 100 years to craft.

The centerpiece of this platform is an exclusive feature film starring John Malkovich, shot by Robert Rodriguez. The concept is that this film will only be released 100 years after its making, in 2115. The time it requires to make Louis XIII. It makes it 100 years - the movie you'll never see.

It's a strong artistic performance that explores the aspect of time, both by teasing people's curiosity & provoking reflection about the relationship between the past, the present & future.

100 years is a playfully mysterious avant garde project, that creates a new genre : delayed gratification. It creates mystery in an uber transparent world and provokes some very deep questioning about the world we want to give to future generations.