Wriggles & Robins : Love is in the Air

Every breath you take makes magic.

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Feb 13, 2013

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Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth, the creative team from Fallon London behind this fabulous seasonal invention, spent some free time creating another brilliant piece in celebration of today's V-day holiday. This whimisical tale shows that love is in the air, for real, as a man and woman, face to face, seem to project romantic images from their mouths with every exhalation. Although it appears there may be some VFX magic going on, everything was captured in camera.

The film, which Robinson and Wrigglesworth directed under the moniker Wriggles & Robins, makes use of an idea that took spark on a super cold day, when "we thought our breaths were so vivid that they must work as a projection screen of some sort--similar to how smoke in clubs makes the lasers show up," says Robinson. "We tried it out first by just pointing a portable projector into the breath and we were amazed by how well the technique actually worked --although only when you get the angle between camera and projection perfect. "

"Technique-wise, it's exactly how it looks: a projector behind the couple beaming a simple animation that our friend at Treat Studios worked on," adds Wrigglesworth. "The couple took it in turns to breath out so that their breaths intercepted the projection beam . Anywhere that light was coming through would light up the breath and make the image clear." Editing was also crucial to the film's success. "We had to include all the cuts so they could do it in bursts without hyperventilating!" Robinson says.

All the breathing makes us think the idea is ripe for the co-opting by a gum or a breath mint client. "Yeah, we've discussed loads of different clients that this could be used for," says Robinson. "It could even be for a smoking PSA if the visuals projected were a little more macabre!"


Feb 14, 2013
Wriggles & Robins
Wriggles & Robins
Wriggles & Robins
Tom Wrigglesworth
Matt Robinson

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