Ikea 'Uncomplicates' Love With an Instruction Manual for Relationships

Valentine's Day Guide Features Inventive Uses for Lampshades and Hot Dogs

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Feb 11, 2016
Love Is Not Complicated

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Relationships don't come with a manual. But wouldn't it be nice?

Ikea's latest Facebook post for its Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand stores is a Valentine's Day "love manual" featuring silly doodled characters reminiscent of the cartoons in Ikea's assembly instructions. For every relationship problem, Ikea offers a solution.

Say your boyfriend is into handcuffs and whips and you're not; the Ikea solution is to buy chaste twin beds, like in a '50s sitcom. The caption is: "Love is complicated. Ikea is simple."

It's the latest effort from BBH Asia Pacific, whose hits for Ikea have included the "BookBook" campaign that spoofed Apple's marketing and a video that showed miniature Ikea kitchens getting cooked up like dinner.

The new Facebook effort for lovers appears to be a clever diversion from a well-documented phenomenon: "Ikea meltdowns" suffered by couples as they bicker over whether to buy Lack tables and Billy bookcases. The Wall Street Journal even last year published an article entitled "Can your relationship handle a trip to Ikea?"; it quoted a clinical psychologist theorizing that the retailer's perfect, clean showroom homes "literally become a map of a relationship nightmare."


Feb 12, 2016
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