Lucky Charms Makes Marshmallow Dreams Come True in Latest Ads

A Toy Gets a Lucky Break, While 10,000 May Enjoy a Windfall

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Jun 08, 2017

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Can a toy get a lucky break if Lucky Charms are poured with a bit of abandon? That's the premise of a new commercial for the General Mills Inc. cereal, the brand's first work from Joan.

The 30-second "Tiniest Piece" spot takes a slow-motion look at the trajectory of a piece of a rainbow marshmallow after it escapes (as the voiceover puts it) from one of its three approved containers: the box, the bowl, or the mouth.

The tiny piece pops from the bowl to the rim of a juice glass, before hitting an eggshell and then the table, after which it freefalls, presumably to the floor. However, a dinosaur toy waits below, with its mouth perched slightly open. Does the dino get the treat?

We may never know, as the commercial cuts to a more predictable scene: The Lucky Charms leprechaun and his "They're Magically Delicious" jingle.

The commercial comes just weeks after Lucky Charms announced plans to give away 10,000 boxes of marshmallow-only versions of the classic cereal to people who find a special code inside its regular cereal boxes. A separate spot focused on the marshmallow-only effort is also airing. This year's giveaway expands exponentially on a much smaller push from 2015, when Lucky Charms worked with Saatchi & Saatchi and gave away just 10 special boxes.