Most Interesting Man's New Gig: Decrying 'Weak-Ass Wi-Fi'

Former Dos Equis Spokesman Signs On With Luma

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Dec 05, 2016

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Jonathan Goldsmith -- the former Most Interesting Man in the World -- has gone from pitching Mexican beer to decrying "weak-ass Wi-Fi" and "cartoon porn" as the new spokesman for Luma, which markets home Wi-Fi networks.

The actor -- who starred in the iconic Dos Equis campaign for 10 years before he was replaced earlier this year -- appears in a new digital spot for the brand, which describes him as "our newest team member."

"Keep your family secure from Russian hackers, buffering, dead spots, cartoon porn and weak-ass WiFi," a bespeckled and grey-bearded Mr. Goldsmith says in the ad. He describes himself as "that guy from those ads you liked a lot. Turns out I'm a real person." He encourages viewers to tweet him at the brand's handle, @LumaHome.

Mr. Goldsmith made his last appearance for Dos Equis earlier this year at the age of 77. The brand sent his character on a one-way trip to Mars in his swan song. In September, Dos Equis introduced a new, younger version of the Most Interesting Man with an ad starring French actor Augustin Legrand.

In a blog post, Luma stated that "the world has come to know and love this guy for the most amazing and interesting adventures in the world. Then he got sent to MarsHe hasn't told us how (yet), but Jonathan heard that his fans missed him and now he has returned!" The blog post described him as a "Luma investor." A Luma spokeswoman did not immediately confirm his investment terms.

Mr. Goldsmith has tried to leverage his Dos Equis stardom in other ways. In September, he was named "editor emeritus" of online magazine True.Ink. His assignment includes creating columns and videos that are "poetic riffs on how to celebrate life well-lived," according to the site. His first video was called "Treasure the Dawn."

In his second feature he interviewed boxer Manny Pacquiao over a game of chess.

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Dec 05, 2016

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