Volkswagens Are Baby-Making Lairs in Brand's Fun Spot for the Atlas SUV

Andreas Nilsson Directs Ad Set to Dean Martin's 'Birds and the Bees'

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Mar 20, 2017

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In VW's new spot promoting its seven-seater Atlas SUV, the brand has fun with the evolution of its different models via an enthusiastically expanding family.

The "Luv Bug" ad, by Deutsch and directed by Andreas Nilsson via Biscuit, begins with a steamed-up VW Beetle rocking from side to side perched on spot overlooking the city. We all know what's going on there (and the soundtrack, Dean Martin's "The Birds and the Bees," doesn't exactly keep you guessing). Sure enough, next we see a young couple with a baby at the VW dealership, and the Beetle drives away and is replaced by a VW Jetta.

Mind you, having a young baby doesn't seem to deter this couple from car-based shenanigans, because now the Jetta is getting all steamy by a lakeside, and soon there's a second kid, and a VW SUV. Soon they've acquired another child, and a large dog, and, after entertaining some cows in a field, it's time for the super-large VW Atlas. Even this car is then seen rocking around -- but phew, it turns out it's just the kids bouncing. It's a fun idea (even if we can't really believe anyone over the age of 17 actually needs to reproduce in a car).

The spot debuts today during primetime, including Fox's "24 Legacy," and will run during the Final Four and Stanley Cup Playoffs.