Lyft Opens a Car Wash That Cleans Its Drivers' Vehicles for $1

Wieden & Kennedy N.Y. Rebranded La Cienega Car Wash in L.A.

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Jul 19, 2017

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Lyft is taking time to celebrate its drivers with a fun out-of-home installation that rewards its L.A. transporters with super-discounted car washes. With the help of Wieden & Kennedy, New York, the on-demand transportation network has transformed La Cienega Car Wash in Los Angeles into a Lyft-branded car cleaning station -- where drivers can get their vehicles cleaned for just $1.

The entire structure is now decked out in bright pink, with new typography and the Lyft logo proudly on display. Even the car wash menus, crew and tunnel instructions got cute makeovers.

The buck wash promotion will continue through August 13th, with 100% of proceeds going to L.A. Regional Food Bank. The washing station will remain open to non-Lyft drivers, who (sorry), will have to pay full price.