Is This a James Bond Trailer or an Ad for the New Mac Pro?

Apple Introduces Film for New Mac in Cinematic Style

Published On
Aug 26, 2013

Editor's Pick

Apple teases its new, redesigned Mac Pro in a cinematic trailer style that's pretty unusual for the Californian company, which has in the past preferred to go with grandiose pronouncements from its engineers and designers when introducing new products. At first glance, the teaser look like it's heralding the latest action thriller -- not a new product from Cupertino.

The spot will certainly appeal to those who have been keeping a close watch on what the company plans to do with its new product, which is expected to be faster and sleeker--and completely different looking-- from the current Mac Pro. It begins with close-up shots of the lines of the new desktop, which boasts some strange new curves. Powerful music builds up the tension until the entire thing is revealed, in all its cylindrical glory. In theatrical style, the words "Mac Po. Fall 2013" appear at the end.