Mad Men - the (Blaxploitation) Movie

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Apr 11, 2014

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New York-based agency, Leroy + Clarkson asks the question you may (or may not) have been asking yourself. What if Mad Men were reimagined as a '70s Blaxploitation? Big afros, combs and ubiquitous funk music, you dig?

Just last month Ad Age spoke to "Mad Black Men" creator Xavier Ruffins about the representation of African Americans in Matthew Wiener's hit AMC series. Mr. Ruffins' web dramedy approaches the subject satirically.

This agency, however, dives headfirst into the genre made famous by Shaft and Foxy Brown with "Don-O-Mite," a parody trailer. The title character, a gun-wielding, more colorfully dressed version of Don Draper is still the magic man in a struggling creative shop. His supporting cast is made up of amplified takes on the original characters. Include Black Peggy Olson -- whose proficiency in spoken-word saves the day -- and Joan "Sugar Hills" Holloway -- whose attitude is surprisingly similar to the original character's.


Apr 11, 2014
Agency :
Leroy & Clarkson
Brand :
Leroy + Clarkson
Client :
Leroy + Clarkson
Writer :
Julian Bevan
Writer :
Daniel Fries
Writer :
Ben Cruz
Writer :
David Evans
Writer :
Paul Caiozzo
Writer :
Keith Saunders
Editor :
Corey Weisz
Visual Effects :
Ronn Lueang
Executive Producer :
Melissa August
Executive Creative Director/Creative Director :
Daniel Fries
Writer :
Ethan Christy
Producer :
Gina Vortman
Original Music :
Jose Luis Pedro
Casting :
House Casting
Production Designer :
Jamie Leigh Moore
Line Producer :
Nancy Marks
Production Supervisor :
Sean Roberts
Director, Photography :
Adam Santelli
Costume Designer :
Linda Belkebir
Color :
Seth Ricart
Sound/Mix :
Nick Montgomery
Sound Director :
Plush Studios
Voiceover :
DK Bowser

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