Bud Light Helps you Enjoy March Madness While You Pretend to Do Work

Helpful Set of Online Tools Make You Looks Industrious Even When You're Just Keeping Score

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Mar 21, 2014
Mad Things Happen

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Bud Light tapped AKQA to create this sneaky set of online tools that will let March Madness addicts keep track of the games, even when they're supposed to be toiling away at the office. The new site offers up handy apps like the "Cheat Sheet" which provides users with real-time game scores in the guise of a boring looking spread sheet. There's also "Mad Ads," a browser extension that converts online ads into platforms for game and score updates and "Fast Break," a virus simulator that makes it seem as if your computer has been violated, so you can step out and enjoy the game for real, at a nearby sports bar.