Converse : Made By Facebook App

Design and sell your own Converse.

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Dec 11, 2011
Made By Facebook App

Editor's Pick

This looks super promising. A new Facebook campaign out of Anomaly and R/GA adds a new twist to the social shopping experience, for Converse. An extension of Converse's Create campaign, the Made By Facebook App appears as if it's going to allow fans to design their own Converse, sell them to their buddies and even open their own storefronts.

According to Anomaly CD Nathan Cooper on his Rubbishcorp blog, a lot of companies do "social shopping" on Facebook just by dropping their shops into the platform. "Most of these stores were totally missing the point and potential of 'social shopping' by not really bothering to engage people on Facebook as possible sales people for their brand," he writes. "Converse has some 40,000,000+ Facebook friends, a lot of which feel very passionate about the brand. They also have an awesome product in Create-- with which anyone can design their own Converse. So what if you were to enable people to sell the shoes they design to their mates on Facebook in return for stuff, like free shoes? What if you enabled people to open their own storefront on Converse's Facebook page? What if you turned the fans of a brand into the retailers?"

For now, the Converse site is in the process of recruiting fans to be the first to try the experience.