These Virtual Outdoor Pop-Up Shops Open Only at 'Magic Hours' Before Sunrise and Sunset

Locations Include Mountain Tops and a Lighthouse

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Mar 19, 2015

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Outdoor clothing brand Peak Performance is opening pop-up shops in surprise outdoor locations -- but you'll have to be there at sunrise or sunset to catch them.

The virtual "Magic Hour" shops will be open for an hour before sunrise and again before sunset. Locations, all selected for their views, include mountain tops, a golf course and a lighthouse on a small island.

The campaign, created by Perfect Fools Stockholm and running across Europe, Japan and the Middle East, targets cyclists, golfers, ramblers, runners, trekkers and walkers. These folks can discover the location of the shops via a website,, which displays the shop location, distance to it, a collection catalog and how many items are left to claim.

The prospective shoppers' smartphones' GPS will detect when they reach the right location, and at the "magic hour," the pop-up shop is unlocked and they can select free clothing. Each claimant receives a voucher to be redeemed online. Those not at the correct location or outside the one-hour opening times can only preview the clothes.


Mar 19, 2015
Brand :
Peak Performance
Client :
Peak Performance
Agency :
Perfect Fools-Stockholm

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