What Happens When You Overfill a Hot Water Bottle?

Virgin Media, BBH London and th2ng Make a Big Impression

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Jun 26, 2014

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Virgin Media's #MaketItBig campaign really is exactly what it sounds like. To promote its new "Big Kahuna" service bundle the tech provider tapped BBH London who in turn tapped creative house th2ng to create a series of memorable web films. The team, in turn, set a challenge of figuring out how much you can squeeze into a single object. Virgin Media followers were then prompted to vote on two items to blow up daily by adding #MakeItBig.

The results answered some of life's more important questions have been answered, like what happens when you blow up a massive helium balloon past its limit? Rubber gloves-- how much can they hold? What if you overfill a hot water bottle? Overstuffing a suitcase-- yay or nay? And, most importantly, how much can you actually fill an Inflatable dinosaur?

Director duo The Queen -- which consists of Dan Lumb and Crinan Campbell -- happily accepted and brought the series of experiments to life.