Ikea's Lyrical Catalog Spot Captures the Highs and the Lows of Modern Living

Ad Produced by Acne Centers on Tagline 'Make Room for Life'

Published On
Aug 30, 2017

Editor's Pick

Ikea is already doing a great job of marketing its 2018 catalog around the world (for example, with its Asian campaign, in which a woman memorized the entire 328 pages.) Its main global ad, based around the tagline "make room for life," is somewhat less quirky, but it's a lyrical effort that feels modern and fresh.

Set to a spoken word poem (by Vittorio Grasso & Alexis Almstrom) it's all about what goes on in your home, and like Ikea's recent gritty Swedish advertising themed "Where Life Happens," it highlights both the good times and the bad in in an attempt to mirror modern real-life living.

A series of vignettes not only highlight love, joy and happiness but also loss (a woman sitting alone next to an empty chair), depression (a woman lying on a sofa looking blank), noisy neighbors (a man bangs on the ceiling with a broom), tears and bringing work home. There's also music, dancing, crawling, roller-skating and a fun-looking party to end the spot.

The spot is directed by Alexis Almström & Anders Jedenfors of Acne and was created by the Ikea Creative Hub based in Malmo, Sweden.