This Ikea Ad Could Make a Case for Sock Skating as a New Sport

Spot From Belgium Sees Real-Life Skaters Perform a Routine Around Their Apartment

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Mar 12, 2018

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Most people at some point will probably have danced around their living room--but how many can say they have skated?

Following the Winter Olympics, this ad from Ikea in Belgium features a middle-aged couple--real-life former professional ice skaters--who roll up their rug, push their furniture aside and slide around their apartment floor in their socks like skaters on an ice rink, to the romantic sounds of French signer Charles Aznavour. They perform a beautifully choregraphed routine, and items of Ikea furniture that are flagged up on-screen are just incidental to the action. The tagline of the spot is "Bring life into your living room."

Joe Vanhoutteghem of Czar directed the ad, for DDB Brussels. It's running on TV, digital and social.