The little kid in this sweet cookie ad is not the big, fat liar he appears to be

French grocer Intermarche promotes its in-house brands

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Mar 26, 2018

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At first, you might think that the cute little boy in this ad is a big, fat liar. Before heading off to school, he pulls out a bag of French supermarket Intermarche's Chabrior cookies and tucks a few of the treats into a napkin. On the bus ride to school, he passes out the biscuits to his mates, claiming, "My mom made these." The tiny con man continues to play the same game on house guests and then when he tries to charm the neighborhood hottie. "My mother made these," he goes again.

Finally, when his mom arrives from work at the end of a long day, we discover the boy wasn't lying at all. As she takes off her coat and gives him a huge hug, we get a peek of the Chabrior logo on her vest. "Our cookies are this good because we make them ourselves," the copyline reads.

The ad is part of the grocery chain's effort to promote its in-house brands. Created by agency Romance and directed by Insurrection's Rudi Rosenberg, it features the track "Maman, la plus belle du monde" by Luis Mariano.

The sweet spot continues the brand's run of emotional storytelling, enhanced by romantic music. Last year, for example, it debuted a cute tale of love in the supermarket aisles.


Mar 26, 2018
Brand :
Client :
Strategic and Operational Marketing Director :
Caroline Puechoultres
Marketing Manager :
Vincent Bronsard
Brand and Communication Director :
Vincent Fievre
External Communication Manager :
Veronique Legueult
Advertising Director :
Augustin de Vulpian
Advertising Manager :
Camille Sassi
External Communication Manager :
Sandrine Bousque
President :
Christophe Lichtenstein
Creative Director :
Alexandre Herve
Director :
Romain Roux
Copywriter :
Damien Veillet
Art Director :
Vincent Boursaud
Associate Director :
Marie-Laure Dangeon
Account Manager :
Estelle Littaye
TV Producer :
Sophie Megrous
Post Producer :
Jerome Deplatiere
Director :
Rudi Rosenberg
Production Company :
Sound Production :

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