G-Star's deepfake sustainability ad shows a man aging with his jeans

Campaign by The Family Amsterdam promotes brand's lifetime warranty for jeans

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May 25, 2022

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Jeans brands have been keen to highlight the sustainable nature of denim—in many ways, it's the opposite of fast fashion. 

We've seen Levi's offer customers special NFTs that allow them to get their jeans repaired for free, while Madewell has also plugged its recycling program. The latest is G-Star, which is offering a "lifetime warranty" for its new Raw capsule collection, promoted by an ad that shows a man aging along with his pair of jeans.

In the spot, the central character starts as a young man and appears to walk through time from spring to winter. As his face appears to age, so does his denim. The voiceover tells us that "life is like a pair of jeans" as we pick up wear and tear, scars and marks along the way. The final, somewhat morbid, message says, "Wear your denim till the end."

The ad was created by Amsterdam agency The Family and directed by Halal's Paul Geusebroek. The central character's aging process was achieved using deepfake tech. According to post house Ambassadors, this involved a process of physically capturing multiple facial expressions by filming the actor from all angles with a multi-camera set-up. An AI algorithm in combination with proprietary software from Revel.ai then created a digital human that looks exactly like the main character. The team at Ambassadors further integrated each aged and de-aged version of the protagonist into the film by transferring the expressions from one face to another, removing lines, augmenting certain parts and completely reshaping heads when necessary.

It's the latest example of a brand using deepfake for aging a protagonist; last week we saw Lionel Messi meet a younger version of himself via deepfake in an ad for Mastercard.

The TV, social and digital marketing campaign will be launched as part of G-Star’s Raw responsibility strategy, which includes a transparency tool on its online web shop, as well as efforts to extend the life of its garments through repairing, reusing or recycling. The brand has also hired a new head of sustainability, Rebecka Sancho, and is working towards using solely organic, recycled, bio-based and compostable materials by 2030 at the latest.

"At its core, this film is about G-Star’s mission to improve the social and environmental impact of their products, without compromising what makes it a special and universally loved brand,” said Joris Kuijpers, executive creative director at The Family, in a statement. “Waste is amongst the biggest issues in the fashion industry. What’s special about denim is that it can last a lifetime, if you take care of it and embrace its different stages of life."