A man jars his farts to save the environment in ad for gas brand Unioil

Manila agency Gigil targets Millennial drivers with more bizarre comedy

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May 10, 2021

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It’s well-documented that cows’ methane-producing burps and flatulence are harmful to the environment, but one man is so concerned that his own human farts are destroying the planet that he’s collecting them in a jar.

That’s the premise of a new ad from Philippines-based fuel brand Unioil Petroleum and Manila agency Gigil. The spot centers on an environmentally-conscious man named Bart who goes out of his way to reduce his personal emissions by making sure not one of his toots ever touches the atmosphere. He carries various sizes of vessels with him wherever he goes—he says a jumbo-sized jug, for example, came in particularly handy on a day he had too many fried sweet potatoes. Bart’s efforts even extend to catching his own mom’s “utots” (that’s Tagalog for farts). 

According to Gigil Managing Partner Jake Yrastorza, Unioil is currently a challenger brand in the country and is seeking to capture the attention of Millennials. The idea behind the outrageous ad is that consumers don’t have to make grand gestures like fart collecting in order to reduce their environmental impact—it can be as simple as choosing the right fuels. 

Unioil bills itself as having the cleanest range of fuels in the country and offers a complete line of Euro-5 standard fuels, including gasoline variants and diesels. “They are a gas company that's the most serious with regard to its commitment to the environment and sustainability,” says Yrastorza. “However, to communicate this message to its target audience, we all agreed that we needed to make it funny and light so they'd sit up and notice.”



May 10, 2021
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