Man vs. Napkin (embargoed)

Apparently, Kitties Are Like Women on Their Periods

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Aug 27, 2014

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In the U.S. feminine product brands like Always are flying the "girl power" flag, but in China, Kotex is taking a completely different route with a pair of outrageous online videos --one tha likens women on their periods to cats (and slaps tape onto the fur of kitties) and another that compares the search for a great pad to that for the perfect man.

The videos were created out of Ogilvy & Mather Beijing and, according to Kimberly-Clark Marketing Director Jaja Lang in a statement, the aim of the ads is to help "our brand stand out in the market. Our brand promise of 'worry-free protection that pleases the senses' really shone through in a delightful and memorable way.'

The cat video has already racked up 1 million views through Chinese social sharing platforms. Read more about Kotex, cats and the man hunt on