The Man Your Man Could Smell Like 'Fails' the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It's About Time the Old Spice Guy Took a Real Shower

Published On
Aug 26, 2014

Editor's Pick

Old Spice's The Man Your Man Can Smell Like, aka Isaiah Mustafa, is back in the latest brand endorsement of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. His typical shirtless state comes in pretty handy for the task, but, as the world always seems to turn in his favor, his magical muscles end up having a force field against wetness, making him immune to the bucket's chilly contents. No worries, because he, and Old Spice end up making a generous donation.

Though his dry state might disappoint those wanting to see glistening pecs, his nominations for the next bucket victims do not. Up next for a bath are B-movie great Bruce Campbell, every man named John Johnson and his arch-nemesis and fellow Old Spice spokesbeef Fabio.