Hillary Clinton and Team Partake in the Mannequin Challenge in Last-Minute Voter Push

Jon Bon Jovi Was There Too

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Nov 08, 2016

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Just hours before election day, Hillary Clinton's campaign continues to prove it's the more creative -- and fun -- of the two major parties in a film it released early this morning on Twitter -- with all of them participating in the meme of the moment, the Mannequin Challenge. Reportedly started by a high school student in late October, it basically entails a video that captures people standing as still as mannequins while a camera weaves in and out.

Team Hillary leveraged the idea in a Twitter post timed to greet citizens as they rose out of bed. It features a video of the Clinton campaign team on a plane, the camera heading down the aisle as people check their cellphones, high-five, engage in deep discussion and laugh. There's Bill Clinton with a subtle smile, Huma Abedin looking very intense as a photographer snaps her pic and finally, Hillary Clinton hanging next to Jon Bon Jovi, apparently serenading the crew with his guitar. The tweet reads, "Don't stand still. Vote Today."

For comparison, around the same time, @RealDonaldTrump tweeted, "TODAY WE MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"